PT Anglo Euro Energi Indonesia (AEEI) is an Indonesian registered Foreign Investment Company, specialising in Economic and Social Infrastructure Projects through Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) and other innovative financing schemes.

AEEI specialises in Small Scale LNG Distribution, Low Draught Floating Storage Solutions and development of LNG receiving and regasification terminals including operations and maintenance. As Project Developer, AEEI is involved in Gas to Power Projects and conversion of Diesel power plants to Gas. Through Virtual Pipeline, AEEI is well-positioned to distribute LNG to wider markets that conventional shipments cannot penetrate.

In the Renewable Energy sector, AEEI is developing land based Solar and Floating Solar with Hybrid Solutions. Projects include supplying electricity to island communities and islands in Eastern Archipelago. Anglo Euro Energi is currently developing onshore gas well concessions for implementing carbon capture and methane emission abatement projects.

AEEI is presently focused on developing Decarbonisation Projects in Carbon Capture and Sequestration for conversion of CO2 to commercial products such as methanol and technical gases. AEEI is involved in CCS & CCUS projects for production of grey and blue hydrogen for market commercialisation.

For Social Impact, AEEI initiates and develops Integrated Community Development Projects, such as low-income housing, schools, community centres, medical clinics, clean water and sanitation, rural electricity supply and waste to energy projects amongst others.

Anglo Euro Energi Indonesia through its affiliate Anglo Euro Developers (S), is an Accredited Training Organisation (ATO) for Certified Public-Private Partnerships Professional (CP3P) Program, an innovation of the World Bank Group, Asian Development Bank, Inter-American Development Bank, European Bank of Reconstruction and Development and Islamic Development Bank.

Anglo Euro Energi in 2021 has received Dun & Bradstreet rating of 5A3 based on tangible net worth. 5A is highest category depicting financial strength, risk definition of “3” indicates sufficient capacity for meeting payment liabilities.

AEEI shall be acquiring more tangible assets in developing clean energy, carbon capture and renewable projects, and small-scale LNG Liquefaction, storage, transportation and distribution.

AEEI promotes Enhancing Inclusive Development where benefits are shared across communities especially in the poorer regions. No one must be left behind in Indonesia’s economic development. Projects participated have a significant impact on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

With the prolonged pandemic and advent of new variants and diseases, the operations and activities of AEEI shall be consolidated with its parent company, Anglo Euro Developers (S) Singapore.

Low Draught Floating Storage Solution



Small Scale LNG Distribution
LNG Mini-Liquefaction
Small Scale LNG Vessels
LNG Storage and Regasification Terminals
Gravity Based Structures (GBS)
Low Draught Floating Storage Solutions


Land Based Solar PV
Floating Solar
Mid-Hydro Hybrid (Solar) Projects
Battery Storage
Off-grid Electrification


Sources of Emissions along the Oil and Gas Value Chain
Methane Emissions Abatement Strategies
CO2 Storage & Utilisation
CO2 Enhanced Oil Recovery
CO2 Absorption – Algae Production Community Project


Low-Income Housing
Earthquake-Resistant & Disaster Relief Houses
Earthquake-Resistant Schools & Community Centres
Rural Medical Clinics
Clean Water & Sanitation
Sunlight, Air to Drinkable Water Off-grid generation

Operational Team

Alan Yogi Lau


Alan Yogi Lau is Founder and CEO of Anglo Euro Developers (S) Pte Ltd Singapore and President Director of its subsidiary PT Anglo Euro Energi Indonesia. Alan is an oil & gas entrepreneur with over 35 years of oil & gas and power generation experience in South East Asia.

In developing Energy Infrastructure Projects, Alan is involved in Capacity Building and is a Master Trainer in Certified Public-Private Partnerships Professional (CP3P) Program, an innovation of the World Bank Group, Asian Development Bank, Inter-American Development Bank, European Bank of Reconstruction and Development and Islamic Development Bank.

Alan is a member of Geneva-based United Nations Economic Commission for Europe; Group of Experts on Gas and Member of Team of Specialists on Public-Private Partnerships. Alan is also a Consultant on LNG to the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia Pacific.

Dr. Sutiana Junaedi Ph.D.


Dr. Sutiana is an Oil & Gas Technologist in Natural Gas and LNG Processing, Regasification, Distribution and Technical Specialist in CO2 Sequestration and CO2 Enhanced Oil Recovery including Chemical EOR, Thermal EOR, Ultrasound EOR and Water Flooding for high viscosity hydrocarbon.

Expert in Corrosion Mitigation and Cathodic Protection in Oil & Gas Facilities. Dr. Sutiana is a Team Leader in Cathodic Protection Installation and Carbon dioxide monetisation such as Syn Gas projects and CO2 sequestration. In-depth expertise includes Corrosion Inhibitor Synthesis, Analysis, Application and Corrosion Mitigation Microbial Induction.

Dr. Sutiana has published a host of publications on Oil & Gas Process Technology and Synthesis, Nano Technology and Characterisation of Novel Corrosion Inhibitor.

Marc Allen


Marc is a chemical engineer with 20 years’ experience in energy and greenhouse gas management. Specialist in sustainability, process engineering, carbon engineering, carbon management and energy efficiency including evaluation of carbon abatement opportunities and management strategies.

Has been involved in Carbon Capture Storage (CCS) projects in Australia, in design for onshore and offshore topsides process for CCS project.

Marc is an Advisor to companies in the resource industry, towards a low carbon economy through development and implementation of robust strategies for sustainability, greenhouse gas and energy management. Presently Marc is assisting Anglo Euro Energi Indonesia in their Carbon Capture Utilisation and Storage projects.

Marc in his professional capacity is a Board Director of Coalition for Eco-Efficient Comminution (CEEC), a not for profit organisation dedicated to improving energy efficiency in the mining sector.

Irene Indraswari


Irene holds the position of Business Development Manager. She has undergone company-sponsored professional program in Climate Change: Financial Risks and Opportunities with Imperial College Business School, England and in Carbon Capture and Storage with The University of Edinburgh, Scotland.

In charge of Business Development with local authorities, customers, suppliers, oil & gas producers and operators. Liaise with Government Ministries, relevant State-Owned Enterprises, and with customers and peers in the industry.

Current duties include assisting our expert staff in project sites selection, appraisal financial analyses and financial modelling. Reports to Board of Management and assists Group CEO in local coordination.